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Brome-Missisquoi's new image

Brome-Missisquoi has chosen a new logo, which will be used both for the MRC and the CLD. The choice was based on the region’s official calling card, namely wine.


The image of a bunch of grapes, presented in a visual that is similar to those on the blue signs of the Wine Route, makes it easier to identify Brome-Missisquoi as a wine region. It also makes it possible to benefit from all of the promotion surrounding the Wine Route over the last 10 years and to work together to increase its visibility.

The choice of green as the main colour is drawn from the following elements;

  • The colour of many different varieties of grapes;
  • The abundance of bucolic landscapes and green spaces in the region;
  • The primarily rural and agricultural aspect of the region;
  • The region’s ecological and “green” mission;
  • The “health” connotation attached to the colour green;
  • The economic sector is represented by “green” bills (money).

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