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Since 1997, Brome-Missisquoi MRC’s geomatic service helps all MRC services with their mapping and spatial analysis needs. Geomatics are also used as a planning tool for development and public security.

Available products

With the help of information technologies, the MRC’s Geographical Information System (GIS) integrates, handles and reproduces data of all kinds to represent the geographic, environmental and socioeconomic traits of a given region.

Carte topoHere are the documents you can find at the geomatic service:

  1. Basic topographical map of each municipality;
  2. Mapping of the MRC land use management plan;
  3. Delimitation of constraints (flood zones, wetlands, steep slopes);
  4. Geographic matrices (property and property owner limits);
  5. Municipal and agricultural zoning (CPTAQ green zone);
  6. Municipal networks (sewers, aqueducts);
  7. Aerial photographs (Summer 1965, Summer 2000, Spring 2006, Summer 2009 and Spring 2014);
  8. Fire Risk Safety Cover Plan;
  9. Special studies (heritage collection, LIDAR survey);
  10. Hydrographic network

Mont Sutton How can you get one of its documents?

The MRC has indicated by resolution its intention to charge for geomatic services on the “user-pay” principle. However it is possible to obtain spatial analysis through an offer of services or get a printed-paper version.

Here is the fee policy and details on ordering documents:

Printing services will be billed according to the size of the printing and the type of material used. For a price list (in French only), click here.

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