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TRANSPORT    Car pooling

Car pooling

A regional car pooling service us available. The Brome-Mssisquoi MRC invites you to register online. In the era of research and development into non-polluting or “green” energy, the MRC encourages you to carpool and help protect the environment.

Whether it is for work or recreation, carpooling remains a simple and effective means of transport, which doesn’t only contribute to reducing greenhouse gasses and costs related to fluctuating gas prices, but also favours social contacts.

autoThe Brome-Missisquoi MRC makes a point of mentioning that it gives citizens the opportunity to benefit from this service, but that it does not evaluate individual requests of those taking part and assumes no responsibility to that effect. The responsibility and management of this service is assumed by the Carpooling Network.


If you have comments or suggestions about this service, contact us.