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The Brome-Missisquoi MRC’s public transit service is offered. Reservations are required.

The method of transport used during the trip (minibus, taxi) is at the discretion of the Brome-Missisquoi MRC’s adapted and public transport service. These choices always take into account the available resources.

People must register with the public transit service to be able to use it. There are no admissibility criteria.

Consult the Politique du transport collectif 2013 (in French only)  for more information (effective January 1st 2013).

Consult the Public Transit User’s Guide for more information.

List of routes

To know the public transit services' routes of the, click on the link for your municipality. The map is also available in pdf.

Route    Saint-Armand - Cowansville

Route    Glen Sutton - Cowansville

Route    Sainte-Sabine - Cowansville

Route    West Bolton - Cowansville

Route    Pike-River - Cowansville

Route    Notre-Dame - Cowansville

Route    Brigham - Cowansville

Route    Bromont - Cowansville