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WASTE MANAGEMENT    Recycling (blue box)

Awareness campaign on recycling

Click on the image or on this link, to see more items.

Signet recyclage - EN

The styrofoam and the #6 plastic are not recyclable, put them in the garbage bin.

Recycling (blue bin)

The residents of the 21 municipalities of Brome-Missisquoi have access to a door-to-door recycling program. The region’s recyclable materials are sent to the Cartonsorting centres Sani-Eco in Granby or Recuperation 2000 in Cowansville. In 2015 nearly 7,000 tons of materials were picked up through the blue containers, an increase of more than 2% compared to 2014.

To help guide you concerning materials that are accepted or refused in your blue container, consult the website.

Bac bleu

Composting, recycling and ecocentres sessions

New free sessions will be offered in Spring 2016. You will have more information about what to put in your blue bin, what to bring to the ecocentres and how to compost effortlessly.  More information to come.