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WASTE MANAGEMENT    Grasscycling


dépliantDid you know that grass clippings account for more than 30% of garbage landfilled between May and September? The solution: GRASSCYCLING! It is an easy, economical and effective method that considerably reduces the amount of compostable materials going into a landfill.

Grasscycle: Is leave the grass clippings on the lawn, and relax!

All it takes is 48 hours!
Grass clippings decompose in just 48 hours, even il you use a mulching mower. Raking the grass after mowing helps the clippings penetrate to the soil and keeps them out of sight!

Consult our brochure by clicking on the picture.


Tips for lawn care

  • Use mulching lawn mower
  • Keep the mower's blades sharp.
  • Always mow your lawn when the grass is dry.
  • Mow the lawn regularly.
  • Never mow during a drought or when in extreme heat.
  • Water lawn loly in absence of rain.
  • Spread compost in your lawn every year and reseed where grass is sparse.

The ideal heignt for cutting lawn is 7,5 cm (3 inches)

A healthier lawn

The grass clippings :

  • releases valuable nutriments
  • adds moisture to your grass

A healthier lawn increases its resistance to disease, drought and insects.

This method is not expensive

  • No special equipment is requires
  • No use of plastic bag or compost
  • No more transport of grassclippings to the landfill

It saves you the time

  • No more effort required to bad the clippings
  • Water less often
  • No more fertilizer


It's forbidden to throw out grass clippings in the garbdage of the following municipalities :
Abercorn, Bedford Canton and Ville, Bolton-Ouest, Brigham, Brome, Bromont, Dunham, East Farnham, Farnham, Frelighsburg, St-Armand, Ste-Sabine, Stanbridge East and Sutton.