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ECOCENTRES    How to use Ecocentres

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**Regional Ecocenter in Cowansville open Monday to Saturday year round free of charge / Consult schedule**

Protection mesures are mandatory



Ecocenter = Valorisation!

The ecocenters allow to valorize domestic items. This action prevents these items from ending up in landfills.

Pay it foward!

If your materials can still be used by others, please bring them to local charity organizations (ex. local churches and volunteer centers, Cellule Jeunes et Familles Brome-Missisquoi, etc.)

How to use ecocenter?

Each resident brings their items at the ecocenters and makes sure to separate them in the right container by following the attendant's directions. Check the schedule to know which ecocenter is open.

Instructions :
A. Separate your items before your visit;
B. Show an ID card and proof of residence to the attendant of the ecocenter;
C. Self-service to load items in containers, no help available on site.

Accepted ID Cards

ID Card with pictures Proof of residence (up to date)

Driving licence

Health insurance card

Student card

Canadian passport


Driving licence

Bills of public services : phone, electricity, gas, internet


Municipal or school taxes

Residential Trailer with maximum volume of 64 cubic foot

The contents of the trailers accepted at the ecocenters must be a maximum volume of 64 cubic foot, the equivalent of a residential trailer of 4 feet x 8 feet x 2 feet (1,8 cubic meter).

The attendant have the right to refuse a resident who does not comply with the prescribed dimensions.