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WASTE MANAGEMENT    Compost materials

What to do with your dead leaves?Joyeux Noël!

Every year, municipalities organized dead leaves collection.
Consult the 2017 leaf collection calendar.



What to do with your Christmas tree? Christmas-Tree-1-450x565

There is 2 options to recover your tree:

  1. Bring your tree at the RIGMRBM;
  2. Bring your tree at Récupération 2000 sorting site.

Consult the Internet site of your municipality about the possibiliity of a door to door collection.




HerbicyclageGrasscycle: Is leaving the grass clippings on the lawn, and relax!

To see our brochure or for more information.





Compost materials


Compostable materials include table scraps and garden residue. This category of materials accounts for nearly 60% of residential waste that is landfilled. That is why it is important to implement programs to utilize it rather than landfill it.

You can consult the guide “Le compostage facilité” RECYC-QUEBEC. This guide contains the basic principles of composting organic materials.